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Exchange 2007 Service packs not showing patch list

  • Can anyone else see any exchange 2007 service packs in the patch management list? I can't. I can see rollups for them, but not the service packs themselves. 

    Just realised that a client server is running Exchange 2007 SP1 and when I cehcked to see whether SP2 or 3 was approved I couldnt even find them.



  • Olly,

    The patch will only show within your VSA if it has been released by Microsoft into their catalog AND at least one machine is reporting the patch as missing based on a patch scan (the patch must be discovered as applicable to and missing from at least one endpoint to show within your VSA).  The patch discovery process is discussed in KKB000676.

    If you find that a patch has been released by Microsoft, is posted in catalog.update.microsoft.com, and you believe an endpoint should be reporting that patch as missing but you do not see the patch within the VSA, please open a ticket so this can be looked into.  We can help you to determine why the patch is not showing.