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Anyone having success with External Monitoring/System Check in Kaseya 5?

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We've just realized that any of the items (port, ping, web) work great on a local device - but an agent will not test external addresses or ports.


Anyone else know about this?



Chris Meacham


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  • stupid question but is the machine the agent is on able to ping / telnet to the selected ports...

    have you tested from the console of that machine.

  • No stupid questions...  

    We've tried this on multiple agents in different sites - and yes, if we connect to those computers, we can go into a command line utility and ping and telnet successfully.

    t's interesting, if you setup 2 sets that ping an address, and monitor a port of the agent's local network - it works fine, emails are generated and I receive them.

    Once you configure external checks for an ip address or external port (mail.domain.com:25) - no alerts come in.  

    I've even tried by IP address and FQDN.  No response, either way.

  • was just checking there and we have a port 25 check being carried out on a clients server and I know it works. So basically one of our servers is doing port 25 checks on their WAN IP to ensure that the server is accepting mail.. So I do know that the external works.

  • Thanks Mmartin - I'm glad to know it works..

    I've created a K ticket to find out why it doesn't work on our end..  Enjoy the weekend - I'll post the fix here, when I get it.

  • This should work used it in both versions of Kaseya without any problems so far (touch wood).

  • Works fine for us - ping and port test from kserver to client remote site (to test if Internet accessible to remote client site).  Annoying thing here though is that you have to assign the test to the kserver which then reports as being a regular "problem" with a high alarm count...