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Alert when this event doesn't occur within...

  • I try to use the option: "Alert when this event doesn't occur within ... day" but I can't figure out how this works.

    After the back-up has run, I get an message in my application log. If it hasn't run, I don't get a message, so I want to search the log for the last 24 hours if this event hasn't occour (and create an alarm). When I set the option, I get a lot of alarms, even there's a message in the application log. Beside, I'd like to disable saturday and sunday from this check, because I know the events won't appear in the weekend...

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  • did you get this sorted as we have the same issue

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  • Are you monitoring for Informational events in the Application log? I had an issue similar to this, I was wondering why it kept alerting and saying the backup hadn't run when it was clearly in the logs, and it was because I was only monitoring the Application log for Errors, not for Informational events.

    Check Agent - Event Log Settings and see if you're monitoring the App log correctly for the event types you're searching for. Also, there isn't really a way right now to disable this check on Saturday and Sunday. That's another reason I scrapped this idea, I didn't want to have to push the time limit to 72 hours as then it becomes almost pointless.

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