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Kaseya doesn't seem to be monitoring Event Logs or generating alarms on Errors

  • We're running Kaseya Managed Services Edition : 2008 (SP1) -

    I've installed the agent on 4 servers at a customer location, all running Windows Server 2003 w/SP2 (some R2, some not). The agent is running fine on these servers in all other areas, with a Check-In Period of 30 sec.

    I want to be emailed every time an Error appears in either the Application or System event log on any of these servers. (I know, that could be a lot of alarms/emails, but I will fine-tune it to certain event IDs later... right now I just want it to work).

    To do so I performed the following steps:

    - Monitor tab. Agent Monitoring-Alerts.
    - Select Alert Function-Event Logs. Application. (and again w/System).
    - Check only "Create Alarm" and "Email Recipients." Enter email address.
    - Choose "" and check only "Error."
    - Choose "Alert when this event occurs once."
    - Ignore additional alarms for 1 day.
    - Choose "Add."
    - Select all 4 servers and click Apply.

    The alerts show up correctly in the list, with a red "E" for "Error" indicating logging is disabled (not sure where to enabled logging for this??).

    I know email notification is working because I receive emails for other alerts. There have been several Application and System errors in the event logs for all 4 servers, but I haven't received a single email for any of them.

    Does logging have to be enabled for Event Log monitoring/alerting to work correctly? I don't see a training module that includes Event Log monitoring and/or logging.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • I am not on service pack 1,

    that said... Lets check here.

    -Agent Tab
    -Event Log Settings

    This is where you specify the event logs you want to monitor. Move the Event log tpyes to the "assigneed event log" then tick mark on the machines you want it to apply to then Update/Replace.

    Should Remove the red that you describe...

    Then prepair for the wave of email alerts (depending on how you have it configured)!!!

    Do a search on the fourms for "event create" and Event monitor to see how I and other Kaseya folks have theres configured.

    The event create command can be used in dos, to write a windows event to the event viewer, then it would be picked up by kaseya (depending how you have your event sets configured) and handled per your settings (send email, create ticket, etc..).

    Good luck!Smile

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  • Great thanks Grant! I just missed that Event Log Settings item in the Agent - Machine Status menu (it's the same in SP1). Don't know how --- it's right there near the top in plain sight!

    I configured this the way you mentioned and will just wait for errors to occur naturally to see if it's working (don't have time right now to use the event create command -- though that looks like it could come in handy for testing purposes).

    I set up an extra mailbox in Exchange for the Event Log error alert emails to be sent to -- so it won't clog up my Inbox (and more importantly they won't clog up my handheld!).

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