Hi all,

I have a question in relation to event log entries and just want to see what people do about it. I know that I can monitor event logs and I can create event sets such as backup Exec events etc so that if any of these Event ID's appear then do the following.

My question is if I have a particular event ID such as Event ID 10000 - if this occurs I want to run a script. So I have to create an event set for event ID 10000. I assume from this that for every event ID that I want an action to happen I must create a seperate event set. So I am going to have absolutely tons of event sets to manage per machine.

Am I making work for myself here or is this the way people do it. If I go downt this route it means my workstation template is going to have tons of event sets associated with it.

Any body got any thoughts on this.



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