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Is anyone else having issues with Event Monitoring alerts?

  • Seems that all our event monitoring alerts are broken. "Account lockouts, Backups, Disk errors, you name it" all of this worked, now it simply does not "Unsure if its due to the latest upgrade or not, or if something somewhere changed again and no one mentioned it.

    Example of veeam log configuration that worked before:

    Any ideas? 

  • Double check you haven't suspended alarms on that machine(s).  Symptoms are identical.  Has caught me out :-)

  • We can Collect events, and we can Monitor Events.  You can monitor for events without collecting, but if you collecting AND monitoring, you must be collecting what your monitoring for.  Make sense?

    So if your monitoring for Veeam Backup's, Error Warning and Informational... you must either NOT be collecting  Veeam Backups... or Collecting Veeam Backups; E,W and I.