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Kaspersky/Kaseya Antivirus still reporting active threat even after said file has been deleted

  • I have created a ticket about this, but seeing that it's been a few days and no one has been assigned to it, I thought I'd bring it up here too.

    So a few days ago, on one of the PCs in our office, we got an email alert notifying us about a active threat (which turned out to be a false positive in reality).  So I did one of the first things that I thought would do that trick, that being creating an exclusion for it in Kaspersky.  That, for whatever reason, still triggered the email alert.  So then I went ahead and deleted the file itself, and that didn't work either!

    For others out there that use Kaseya's email alerts for antivirus, have you encountered this extremely annoying issue?  If so, let me know and guide me towards the solution to this.  I don't want to have to keep removing our alert profile from these machines, because in moments where we need it most should there be an actual virus, these email alerts will come in very handy.  Right now though, they are just nothing more than a mere annoyance because of them not working properly.

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  • I entered a similar ticket for this a few months ago "REQUEST #189687 KAV REPORT SHOWING ACTIVE THREAT BUT SYSTEMS DO NOT SHOW DETECTION".  Current notes indicate "This issue has been identified to be a possible defect and has been progressed to our engineering backlog for future prioritization."

    Current follow up from Support today: "We do not have an update on this case. We will update you as soon as we have an update from our engineering team."