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Multiple policy alerts

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When trying to configure my alerts for email and alarms i encounter some issues..

So what i do is i have 2 policies configured under "alerts" where one should create an alarm if a server agent has not checked in for 3 minutes, and the other sends an email if an server agent has not checked in for 15 minutes.

Now i have the 3 minute policy as global and the 15 minute email policy on a org.

When i turn off my test server now, i do not get an alarm in monitor alarm summary after 3 minutes, and i do not get an email after 15 minutes. But after exactly 1 hour and 3 minutes i do get an alarm, saying alarm date is 1 hour before it shows up.....

To summarize this, it seems as tho only one of multiple "alert" policies works, and why do i get alarm 1 hours later than alarm date.....

thanks in advance :)

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  • I heard from someone that it is not possible to have multiple "Alerts"...

  • Hi  

    This is dependent on the alert type you are configuring and the policy conflict rules -- please see below;


    • Multiple policies can be assigned to any organization or machine group or machine.
    • A machine with multiple policies assigned to it has conflicting policies when both specify the same policy type.
      • Multiple policies are not in conflict if different policy types are specified.
      • Policy types that combine with each other include:
        • Event log alerts, distribute files, monitor sets, and agent procedures.