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SNMP Trap Alert - Could not Format Log String

  • Wondering if anyone here has ran in to this issues before.  I am working with Classic Monitoring SNMP Trap alerts.  Everything seems to be working fine, however, when the KaseyaSNMPTrapHandler service receives, the SNMP Trap, I get the event log below without any information.  The SNMP Traps are coming from an Avaya IP Office if that matters.

    I have ticket #136536 open for this issue but no workaround or resolution yet.  Just the recommendation to use KNM but I can't with what I have set up.

    Log: Application

    Type: Error

    Event: 100

    Agent Time: 2016-05-26 16:01:53Z

    Event Time: 11:00:06 PM 26-May-2016 UTC

    Source: KaseyaSNMPTrapHandler

    Category: None

    Username: N/A

    Computer: Win81ProMaster

    Description: Could not format log-string .

  • Hi  

    From my experience in support, we would see this occasionally when the trap string is long, not written properly, or has many unique characters the application log is unable to process the message in the description. 

    The referenced device appears to be an VoIP phone system? Do you know if this is happening on any other devices that are sending traps or is this the only device?

  • So far I only have this specific device set up as this would be the main device our client wants to monitor over a bunch of different locations.