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KNM Service Desk basic ticketing

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The documentation is pretty clear on how to open the ticket... and it is setup by default to do so... but it gets hazy when circling back around to auto-closing the ticket.  I see the Recoverery Action - Ticket... which looks like it is going to make a second ticket... I can see how I could de-dup my editing the subject line to be the same as the Alarm action and then adding it as a note to the existing ticket then analyzing the note to close the ticket... but... before I do that... is there a better way?

I hope Kaseya works to more tightly integrate KNM into the rest... all the variables are different, and it could be... as far as I can tell, much better integrated with Service Desk.

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  • Hey  

    I know in the VSA 6.2 / KNM 4.1 integration days we had an SD integration which would check if KNM alarms/tickets existed already via API and append to them.

    That was all written by  as part of the 'Kaseya Network Monitor' service desk which installed as part of the integration.

    I don't believe any of that was included in the new integration which happened around R7~.

    AFAIK, Auto Close of Alarm and Tickets in System > Configure would only impact Classic Monitor and not KNM as this feature was incorporated in 6.3 when the KNM integration was not yet built.

    Perhaps, can advise if there is a better way to do this or if I am wrong here.

    At this time, I am not sure of the future integrations planned for KNM with VSA.