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anyone know of a good way to document Kaseya configs?

  • Trying to figure out if there is a way to pull data from the SQL database for this info? If I have to pass the torch to someone to use/manage Kaseya, how would I let them know what configurations are already in place?

    Thanks for any input.



    Hi Shelly,

    What configurations are you trying to document/store?

    Most of the user-defined content you can export from System > Import Center.

    However, it sounds as though you are looking to document some sort of database changes that have been implemented?

    If you are looking for some free-ware/open source document tracking system, I also have some suggestions.

  • Thanks Nicolas. I'm really looking to document what configurations we have set in Kaseya for alerts, event log monitoring, monitor sets (that we have configured), disk space alerts, etc.

    I've never really made a list of these configurations and didn't really want to have to go through everything manually to find them all. I guess I will if I have to. ;-) :-)

    Not really looking to document any database changes that have been implemented.