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Event Log Set deployment error - Permission denied.

  • I created a specific Application Log Event set to monitor for a single Event ID.  I applied it to 2 workstations but did not receive alerts when the Event was logged.  The System Log shows *Deploy Event Log Set* - Date - Deploying Event Log Set batch.  Permission denied.  I can't find any other info on this error.  I have deployed many event sets to servers but don't usually deploy to workstations.  Anyone know what this error means or how I can troubleshoot further?



  • Was this ever figured out? I am seeing lots of these on our VSA as well :(

  • You have a screenshot of the error?

  • I'm getting the same error now, only after updating from to

  • Hi,

    having the same errors, and since updates 17 / 18 agents procs no longer as before updates

    only running partially so loss on "trust" as we cannot longer be sure procedures are running correctly.


  • Anyone figure this out?  Seeing this after updating to 9.2 the other night.