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Anyway to monitor and alert in case of SQL injection

  • I guess I need to know if there is a way to monitor actual column and tables in SQL using Kaseya?  Anyone completed this yet?

  • Hello Ash.

    What is your idea behind that?

  • Well I am not sure yet.  I was thinking about knowing what a table should be and comparing that against what the table is to determine if a SQL injection has occurred.  Maybe use a dummy table that no data is written to so should expect the same table every minute until the attack occurs?  Was just hoping to see if anyone knew of a way to proactively monitor against SQL injection.

  • Write better code.  Always sanitize user input, use parameterized sql statements or stored proceduers - NOT dynamic queries, only give the needed sql permissions to the connecting user, use custom error pages that don't detail error messages, etc.

  • Thank you Dan.  Not what i am looking for but your input is appreciated.

  • do you think someone is trying to run sql injections into your VSA? if so why do you think so, what signs are you seeing?

    as for a comparing of tables like you mentioned, I've seen people use CACTI to monitor changes in AD with comparasion logs and data validation. Not sure if the same can be done against Kaseya.