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Cisco 4948E - Vlan Interface Monitoring

  • I have two Cisco 4948E switches with approximately 100 LAN and 100 WAN SVI's.  Each of these SVI interfaces are configured for HSRP and are used by clients in each VLAN as a gateway. Each VLAN associated with the SVI have policy maps applied to police bandwidth.  I would like KNM to be able to monitor the bandiwidth utilisation of each VLAN interface and alarm when they exceed a certain threshold.  I have successfully setup each switch in KNM and can see the SVI's listed, but when I choose the bandwidth or bandwidth utilisation option the traffic is shown as 0% or 0kbps.  It would appear KNM is not seeing any traffic passing through these SVI's.  In case, KNM could not monitor the SVI I have tried to monitor the associated layer 2 unrouted VLAN but KNM displays an error and shows no information.

    Is there a limitation with KNM monitoring bandwidth through an SVI?



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