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Monitor Hard Drive Free Space

  • I wanted to monitor hard drive free space on my servers.  If the server was XX amount of space left, then send an email alert.  How would I actually create that?

  • Create a monitor set using the object LogicalDisk then use the counter Free Space and setup when you want it to alert you.

  • The quick and dirty way to do it is using Monitor>Alerts, select LOW DISK from the alert function pull-down and set your options. This will not differentiate between drives or partitions - it will alert you to ANY partition on the target machine falling below the percent you specify. This includes external drives and also USB key/thumb drives.

    This method is severely limited in scope compared to true monitor sets like Alistair pointed out above, but sometimes less is more.

    [edited by: Topher at 11:31 AM (GMT -8) on 2-15-2012] Added info that the alert will notify you which partition has triggered the alarm.
  • Just a note on Topher's method.  AFAIK the low disk fixed alert will check disk space during each machine audit and send an alert if the server has dropped below the % threshold you specify.  This means that if your audit runs once a day at 10:00 am, and from 11:00 am that day to 9 am the next day the disk fills up, you won't get an alert.

    The method that Alistair mentioned will check disk usage on an interval of your choosing (every 5 or 10 minutes), so in my opinion, it is a much more functional alert.

    That being said, I use both as I've had situations where performance counters stop working, or Kaseya stops pulling in the data, so it's good to have a second way to check such an important counter.  Even the least technical client you run into will be pretty pissed if they pay for monitoring and a low disk space issue is not caught proactively.

  • Yep, that's correct, ssugar. That's why I called it quick and dirty...lol

    I have found that sometimes we have monitor set problems like you said you have, where the procedures to initialize the monitor sets fail, and that silly little agent alert function actually saved the day. I prefer monitors and counters but they just glitch out every once in a while. Not very often, but often enough that I commonly set up the alerts in conjunction with the sets.

    Kinda glad to hear I'm not the only one that uses alerts as a backup. :)

  • This is the nice trick to continuously checking the free space of the hard disk. It will help to see whether how much data is in it and how much steel we can include in it.

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  • OK, so I put up the alert, but I know it's not working because I'm testing on the one server I put the alert on.  There's a D drive on the test server that's 100 GB total space and I started putting a bunch of large ISOs on the D drive which is now 90 GB used and 10 GB free.  But the alert is not sending anything out.  These are screenshots of the alerts and applying them to the test server.  Does anyone see antyhing wrong with my setup?  Thanks for all the help by the way.  We're new to Kaseya, and I'm finding the forums to be a lot more helpful than the ticket support they provide.

  • Looks OK from here.  If you go to Monitor > Monitor Log can you see if the machine is actually collecting data?  I've seen lots of machines that I've had to reapply the monitor set or make some changes to get it working.  This screen will show you if it's working.  Also check the Alarm Summary screen to see if it's set an alert but not sent you any email.

  • This is what I'm looking at in the Monitor Log screen.  Looks like my alarm is wrong?


  • So, the problem was the alarm settings.  They would only trigger an alarm if the free space was over 50%.  I changed the alarm settings, and the email alerts came through.  Thanks everyone!

  • Glad you got it sorted out! Hope you like Kaseya. It's not perfect, but what is? :)

    Yeah, sometimes Kaseya support can be frustrating, but they are also pretty good once they get into your issue. I commonly send in a support request AND then come search/post on the forums. Sometimes Kaseya support is faster than the help I get here, sometimes it's the other way around.

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