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how does everyone monitor their Kaseya server/monitor up/down?

  • How does everyone monitor their Kaseya VSA to alert them as to when it is down? I know we can set up all kinds of alerts to manage other devices but how do we get an alert that our Kaseya server is down?



  • Monitor - Alerts - choose System from Select Alert Function and pop in your details.

  • A cloudy monitoring service such as http://nodeping.com/ would do the job - cheap, does SMS alerts, emails, Pushover etc...

  • monitor.us

  • UptimeRobot

  • PRTG

  • Hey... thanks for all of the great suggestions! :-) Appreciate the response.


  • +1 PRTG

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  • Uptimerobot, 50 free monitors and SMS, no isntalls

  • Believe it or not, in more than 3 years my K server has never gone down....we have it housed in a data center that has redundant power, internet etc. so the only reliability factors at play are our hardware (HP Proliant server), the OS & database (server 2008 R2 & SQL 2008 R2), and the VSA itself.

    I find no need to monitor Kaseya - yes it IS just THAT reliable.

  • Alertra - cloud-based monitoring.  Interesting to see the other ones people are using though.

  • i cant log into it ;)