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Omit Specific Automatic Services from Alerting

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I am monitoring all Automatic services but want to exclude specific automatic services that are set to automatic but do not stay running.

I have run a monitoring list update then 2 monitoring sets one that alerts on *ALL and another that is set to not alert on specific services (zzBlacklist Services) but those automatic services listed in the monitor set still create alerts.

How can I monitor all automatic services but exclude specific ones that I do not want alerts for?

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  • We also have the same problem. Has anyone got any suggestions?

  • Anyone ever answer this question? Buehler... Buehler...

  • Hi,

    MSP Assist has a plug-in which covers exactly this use case and more.  

    You can find demo videos at the bottom of this page: mspassist.com/.../plugin-modules

    This solution is currently used by dozens of MSPs, ranging in size from several hundred agents to over 7500

    If you would like any further information, please contact me at steve@mspassist.com

    Kind Regards,


  • Hi  

    Unfortunately, you cannot exclude specific 'Automatic' Services on a machine from alarming when using a *ALL wildcard to monitor all automatic services.

    When using *ALL, it will monitor all automatic services. There is no option to exclude specific ones.

    If you are interested in this functionality, I second what  brings up.

    MSPAssist offers a pre-built method of accomplishing this using their plugin.

    Best Regards,


  • We have a text file on our KServer containing a list of services that we're not interested in. If we find a new one, we just add it to the text file.

    When we detect a stopped service, it will first run a script to check if the service name exists in the text file (we write the file to the agent every time). If not, we try three restarts, and then log a ticket if it still fails.

    Works beautifully!

    I think that this is the answer
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  • Hey Lothario,

    Your solution sounds excellent. Is there any chance you could share your script/list/agent procedure?



  • Hey Lothario,

    I agree with JB. It would be nice if you could share your solution, or point us the way you have done it.