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Automatic Administrator login for servers post-reboot?

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Any of you brilliant guys come up with a script to reboot a Windows server and then login automatically as administrator? That would be aweeesome.

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  • I have a script that sets the login username and password and auto logs whenever the machine is rebooted. The last thing you do in the script is reboot the machine. I have not made a script to then change it back yet. Shouldn't be hard. I use it for auto Administrator log in on some machines that run surveillance cameras. It would make me nervous to do on a permanent basis on a server. I will test it on a server tomorrow and then post it if it works right.

  • Sweet man, let me know how it goes. That sounds excellent.

  • Its easy enough to do if you use the Autologon tool from Sysinternals, plus it encrypts the password so that its not readable by other ppl. To do this across multiple machine groups you can use Managed Variables and create a domain admin user, domain password and domain name variables unless you want to use a local account then you just need a local admin user and password.

    If you worried the password getting out if the customer has a Kaseya Portal account or for other staff that should not have these credentials make the Managed Variables Private so that they are only accessible via your Kaseya Portal account.


  • Below is an article regarding the registry entries used for autologon. It says Windows XP, but it works for any version of Windows:


    In the past, I have written the last user logged on to a text file to use as a variable later in the script. That way, nobody knows I was logged in.   :P