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Compare agent time to KServer time

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Need some brainstorming help from the Community here.

I need to compare the time on an agent to the time on the KServer, compare those times, and do something (not sure yet what) if those times are off by >= 10 minutes.

Unfortunately, database views aren't available for the agent time, even though it's available via mouseover of the agent icon.

Also, it would be nice if I could open a ticket from a procedure as well, just sayin...

So, hit me with some ideas!


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  • Maybe...


    "Time stamp string representing the time the change was entered. (note: timestamp type was picked to force times into the database as year- month-day-hr-min-sec all in numeric format independent of the format sent in the SQL command. This allows records to be easily sorted by time during retrieval.)"

  • Nevermind. I just tested and it was an hour off.

  • As best I can determine, Kaseya is basically useless for managing time  configurations.   See community.kaseya.com/.../53018.aspx

    Given how critical time management is in domain environments, it's a bit sad.


  • I have only seen this issue occur on Windows servers in a Linux LDAP domain as in Windows AD the domain controllers tend to manage domain member machine's time and the only time I have seen it occur in a Windows Domain environment is when the computer the user logs on from is a portable computer operating remotely, a non-domain member or if the Domain Controller has not been configured to update it's time via an NTP server and has gone out of sync.

    I have used Kaseya quite successfully for managing time on managed machines. My script consists of a simple set of commands that uses the NET TIME command with a reliable NTP server and then I stop/start the Time service on the target machine. This was made before K2 so I never put any checks in as all it did is force set the time to match the NTP server's time on a scheduled interval.

    I imagine you could potentially put a check in place as kerberos time skew if I recall correctly is 5min which should be easy enough to check for. Another function in Kaseya which would be very handy for this is the Get WMI Variable command. Have a look at these links;