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newbie question

  • I have two questions.

    Does anyone know how to have a script schedule scripts within kaseya based on the time not a delay of the first script.

    For instance I have a script that requires a reboot, once I run it, a reboot is automatically scheduled at 1am. I want to schedule a time not a delay.

    Second Question

    Is it possible to scheduale a kaseya task from within a kaseya script

    For instance, we have a couple scripts that fix most patch failures, I have added them to the alert when a patch fails but I would like to schedule for the patches to try and install again after I made the fix.

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  • jcourtney

    Second Question

    Yes it is. Just add the following at the end of the script:

    Execute Script
    Parameter 1 : Script Name
    Parameter 2 :
    Parameter 3 : 0
    OS Type : 0

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