Using scripting, it is certainly possible to download files from the kserver to Agent (using scripting Write file command).

Using scripting, it is also possible to upload files from Agent to the kserver (using scripting Get file command).

Using scripting, it is also possible to delete files from the Agent.

But, is there a way to delete files currently on the kserver (previously uploaded by Agents using Get File) via scripting? I assume I could do it manually using the operating system on the kserver. But I am tryign to see if it is possible to do this via scripting.

For example, we used to upload files from the Agents to the KServer at store it at the root of the folder for the agent. Now we are using subfolder1 to store a set of files, subfolder2 to store another set of files, and so on. But we still have a bunch of old files stored in the root, which I would like to get ride of, using scripting.

As always, thansk in advance.


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