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Logging to a single file

  • Does anyone know of a way to log multiple machines to a single file? I have a client that needs files moved/deleted on his entire company line of machines and would like a log file of all the moves. Is there any way I can have each machine write to the *same* log file?

    Greg Love
    Network Security Analyst
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  • I haven't done this but you might be able to read the log file into a variable for each machine and then execute another script but trigger the script to run on the machine which you want to write the file to. You should be able to append the variable to a common log file.

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  • Before we had Kaseya I used to do this sort of thing using (a) batch file(s)

    For instance if every machine was to run the script at the same time, each machine would run some thing like

    copy c:\source\*.* c:\destination > //server/share/logs/%COMPUTERNAME%logfile.txt

    where %COMPUTERNAME% was a system variable already set on the machine, use SET to view current variable list.

    then to concatenate the files into one report use the command

    copy //server/share/logs/*.txt //server/share/logs/all_logs.txt

    or if the script ran one after the other you could just append the info to the running log file with

    copy c:\source\*.* c:\destination >> //server/share/logs/big_logfile.txt

    note the double greater than signs meaning append.

    Probably a much nicer/neater way of doing this in Kaseya, but quick and dirty works for me Smile


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