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Script to give NETWORK SERVICE permission to Agent Temp Dir\Klogs

  • Grant NETWORK SERVICE permission to AgentTemp dir.txt
    I ran into a problem when we changed the default temp path from C:\Temp to a directory burried in Program Files: the monitor sets stopped working.

    When looking at the Application event log, it's apparent that it's because the NETWORK SERVICE account did not have the proper permissions.

    I scheduled this script to go to all systems and reapplied our monitor sets and it all started working again.

    So, if you've changed your temp directory and your monitoring stopped working, this will fix it.

    Adam Steinhoff

    Steinhoff Consulting, Inc.

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  • Thanks Adam! We ran into this monitoring set - network service permission problem quite a few times, even when the log folder remained the default c:\Temp. Sometimes admins force restrictive permissions down on c:\Temp folders recursively for the sake of securityand unknowingly break monitoring.


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