Seeing how most adware / spyware / viruses can be easily removed in safemode:

We have developed ascript to configure a computer to automatically reboot into safemode and automatically start the agent in safemode so it is available to remote control without any user intervention.

We also have developed a script to undo the safemode changes and reboot the computer back into normal mode.

All required files are in the zip file. The kasurtsk.reg file should work for all 2000 and newer OS's without changes. The bootsafe.ini file might need to be modified for different boot partitions, drive types, ... I also have the scripts setup to automatically reboot the machine after making the changes. You do not want to click any of the "Continue script if step fails" options.

I hide my agent and all my scripts deep under the Program Files folder, so you might want to modify the run location for your purpose.

Happy malware and virus killing!!!



On some computers, the boot.ini file is read only and / or hidden. I have updated the scripts to handle this issue.The updated scripts and all future updates can be found at the following link:



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