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Is it possible to rename an agent via script?

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I have a specialized situation where it would be useful to be able to rename an agent and then at a later time, move the agent to another group, all via script (agent proceedure). Is this possible?



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  • Not 100% via scripting, but you could achieve similar as follows:

    1) Enable on your groups the Force Agent ID to be Machine Name option in System > Naming Policy

    2) Use available scripts to change the Computer Name.

    3) Agent's name automatically updates after the script changes the Hostname.

    Moving to another group is possible depending on the methodology/reasoning behind the move. You can also use System > Naming Policy to enforce group assignments based on Gateway IP, which will dynamically shift agents based on the gateway they are behind.

  • Thanks Josh,

    The method of renaming actually works better for my situation than what I had in mind - Thanks.

    Unfortunatly, the moving method you described will not work for me. The purpose behind the move is to provide an easy way to spot machines that pass or fail a "preflight" test prior to a significant software upgrade.


  • Hey Tim,

    Without knowing more about the spot checks you need to identify particular machines, it may be possible for you to create a View (filter near the Machine Group dropdown) that will show you machines matching or not matching a particular requirement, so you would be able to find the right machines regardless of group quickly.