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  • I called Kaseya yesterday to see if you can direct the location of file uploads using the getfile capability. As you may know, every Kaseya user/machine has their own location for storing get files. It is in the kaseya/userprofiles//getfiles directory on the server. Our Kaseya installation is on the D: drive so our location is kaseya/userprofiles//getfiles but I wanted to store my files from one of my scripts in another location (D:/temp/script1). Kaseya told me that it can't be done so I took that as a challenge and found that it can be. Actually, the storage can be redirected using basic relative html techniques like this:


    This line will traverse upwards four directories and then follow the temp\script1 path down. Hopefully this helps someone else in the future.

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  • Kudos Admiralman!

    I am writing a script to have the Kserver push the updates to each client. I needed a way to automatically copy those files to the sharedfiles folder. Your solution worked.

    I will be posting the update script shortly...if it works.

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  • Glad to hear it. I'd be interested to see what you come up with.

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