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Remove Firefox ESR Script

  • A couple weeks back Software Management module errantly (imagine that) installed Firefox ESR German edition (de instead of en) on all of my workstations.  I didn't want Firefox anyway, but at least it could of installed the English version.

    Now 3rd party patching keeps trying to install the latest Firefox ESR patch (assuming en-us) and it keeps failing.
    I can't seem to reject the patch, so now I have a couple hundred "vulnerabilities" listed that I can't clear.

    Before I go through all the effort to write a script, has anyone else written one to remove the firefox app from workstations and/or remove the patch from 3rd party updates to clear the stats?

  • I'd also be interested in this as a few of the German Firefox ESR versions snuck in.

    I previously worked a quick procedure to uninstall the normal Firefox but haven't tested or pursued this on the ESR release yet.

    Here is what we used to remove previous Firefox installs.

    "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\uninstall\helper.exe" /s

    -- or for 32 bit version --

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\uninstall\helper.exe" /s

  • I don't know that this will help your current situation; if you installed via .exe it might not. To help in the future, install everything you can via .msi (Firefox ESR has .msi installer available), then you could use something like this:

    wmic product where "Name like '%Firefox%'" call uninstall

    With the "Name like %programname%", it will remove all instances of the program.

    I specifically use this frequently to remove the many different language packs that AMD Catalyst Control installs with the video card drivers:

    wmic product where "Name like '%Catalyst Control Center Next%'" call uninstall

  • You could using Audit - Add/Remove page to review if Firefox ERS is showing as installed and if there is an uninstall string available.

    If it is an exe file then you would use this with a 'silent' switch to run through the uninstall.