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Nasty internal bug affecting ExecuteCommand() and ExecutePowerShellCommand() on Server 2019

  • The incorrect path separator is being used internally when redirecting output which is causing the command to fail immediately.  The global variables #global:cmdresult# or #gloval:psresult# will not be initialized so any test of the values will fail too.

  • Presume you've logged a support ticket .. Could you share the Ticket # so we can all reference it if we also need to log our own tickets

  • Also, what version of vsa?

  • Logged and being investigated

  • I have records of it going back to 7/12/2020 but that's when some of our clients started to deploy 2K19

    This is on .28 which we were unfortunate enough to install before it was pulled.

    I'm checking .29 now.

  • I'm unable to determine if it's in .29 too since I don't have any 2k19 servers on the development VSA