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Write File Validation for scripts

  • Hello,

    Currently working on an Open VPN rollout which requires we deploy a .conf and .ovpn file. We currently deploy those files via agent procedure where the procedure checks for those files and replaces them if missing. We will need to make some changes to those profiles in the future and were trying to find a way to have md5, file size, crc, etc... checks on the files as an alternative So that it replaces the file if they are not exactly the same. Has anyone had luck with those routes?

  • You could write powershell/shell script to write the file checking logic and execute the scripts using procedures.

  • Hi Amit thanks for replying. Sorry my scripting is basic but how would that look exactly?

  • Have you looked at using the "Distribute File" menu option as I believe it does exactly what you want where it checks files against the stored copy on the VSA and if they are not the same then it pushes out the newer copy.

    So all you need to do to update your machines is upload to the VSA the newer version.

  • Ah thanks for the help Paul! Last question. Would you know how the file is checked for changes? Is it a size, integrity or other check?

  • Not 100% sure

    Look at  : help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp

    It states "...If the file is ever deleted, corrupted, or an updated version is available on the VSA, the VSA sends down a new copy prior to any procedure execution..."

    Best way to check is to do a small test

  • Understood. Thanks for your help Paul and Amit.

  • I will vouch for the server keeping the files, which is an absolute PITA if you actually want to remove a file and not have it go to the end-points anymore.  

    It appears to be a two-way street and if the agent sees that the server has lost the file then it sends it's copy back to the server to make sure the server is current (or the server restores it from a cache).  Regardless of what is doing it you'll see the .tmp files at both ends within seconds of removing the file and shortly thereafter it will be renamed back to the file extent it had originally.

    The only way that I've found to fully remove a file once it's been distributed is to:

    1. Change the policy to stop copying

    2. Execute a procedure to nuke the file on every end-point

    3. when verified the end-points do not have the file do a shutdown of the VSA services

    4. nuke the file on the VSA

    5. restart the services.