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Line of Business Application - Update

  • I have a line of business application that requires manual intervention each week on the server and then on all workstation after the update is done.  We have been struggling to find a way to do the following and would love to hear how others would approach this issue.

    The first thing is we need to connect to the hidden share as the admin \\share\g$ as the domain admin.  We save these to the local windows credential vault, but sometimes this forgets the password.  Not sure why.  Then we run the application to update the software on the endpoint.

    I would like to see if we could put this process in a script (Kaseya or via Powershell) so we could automate it.  Any ideas?

  • You should be able to run a shell command as system and map a drive as the domain admin.  Not particularly safe since you'll have to have plain text password, but it would work:  net use s: \\computer\g$ /user:domain\admin password /persistent:Yes

    From that point on you can use that share -- this is persistant though - so at the end you'll want to remove the shared link via the same command.