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32 Bit Application reading a 64 bit registry key

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I am trying to write a script to populate the versions of each part of McAfee ENS to custom fields.  I have all populating except for one which I found that the key is only located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McAfee\AVSolution\DS\DS\dwContentMajorVersion.  This is only failing for my 64 bit machines; my 32 bit machines populates all version numbers.  How can I force the 64 bit systems to read this particular value at this registry key? I tried using the getvariable before and  the getOS with the same results of not populating this one version number.

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  • If your script is running in a 32-bit shell, you're facing "Registry Reflection", which maps keys based on x86 or x64 applications. Some languages have the ability do disable this and read/write from the non-reflected location.

    See docs.microsoft.com/.../registry-reflection for more info.