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Dropdown variable box

  • I wanted to know if your can create a variable that has a dropdown with values in that can be used in agent procedure when prompted.. Basically create a procedures that will prompt for the user input and then the user can choose from a dropdown.

  • A drop-down menu presented to the end user? I'm fairly certain you're programming a client-side script or application at that point. The only built-in end-user prompt is a "go-ahead" button.

  • Buster,

    Our RMM suite (that we talked about while at Connect) has an end-user interface. It's used as the "what have we done for you lately" message, but it also pops-up reminders (OK button) and simple dialogs (Yes/No) that can be responded to in a procedure. Send me a sample of what you're looking for and I might be able to add a drop-down list to the UI prompt applet.


  • Another way might be to execute a vbscript that presents the list to the user and writes their response to a text file that can then be parsed with the get-variable procedure step.