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Pending/Stuck Procedures

  • Today for the first time, I noticed I had a series of Agent Procedures showing pending from a few days ago.. This spanned across several agents.

    Any reason what cause that.. Do you have a way of monitoring pending/stuck procedures?

  • Do you have a way of monitoring pending/stuck procedures?

    Oooh, that is a great question! I'd love to know this as well.

  • Without going into all the details of setting this up -- it is possible to monitor for procedures that have not executes in xx time period by executing a SQL query that pulls the execution time for the procedure.  I don't have all that data immediately in front of me, but i have set it up before.  Support should be able to give you this if you ask for it specifically (assuming you have dbmail setup in SQL and know how to generate a sql dbmail out)

  • do you have any thoughts on this?

  • Hi

    Specific scripts were not running on specific agents OR was it that all scripts were not running against all agents?

    Did you create a support ticket by any chance?

  • I did not create a ticket at first but i did this morning.. Will you be in Vegas this week? maybe we can chat at about it

  • The nature of the kaseya agent procedure scheduler is serial  - so if any one procedure gets stuck for any reason, all other scheduled procedures "back up" behind it and won't run until the stuck procedure is cleared.

    There is supposed to be a 2 hour timeout on procedures, however I think there exist cases where the timeout doesn't happen....I think, for example, if a bad monitor set is run against the agent, or the agent itself crashes, this can happen.

    Usually the only way to unstick things (that I have found), is to reboot the agent concerned...or at least try restarting the agent services.


    Yes, I am at Connect performing the training with the education team and will be at the genius bar for the duration of the conference.

    Swing by and we can chat

  • So Craig,

    you are saying that if I RESTART the agent once a day, I will get rid of a stuck procedure?

    I can live with that, just need to plan a restart time every evening. Can you confirm that?