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Updating KRC and/or KLC via script?

  • We have a few scenarios where we have given a specific user at a customer to be able to access Kaseya for the express purpose of remotecontrol.  They don't get any other functionality and they can only remote control "their" machine group.  At the same time those users are *not* local administrators on their workstations, which presents issues when an update to Kaseya would require updating the local KRC or KLC client on their machine that is used for remote control.

    So my question then is this:  Has anyone put together a script who's entire purpose is to download the latest KRC and/or KRC client and install it on a workstation?   I'm thinking this would also come in handy on our internal machines, where I could go ahead and pre-stage the update to all of my tech's machines in our office whenever I do an update to Kaseya that I know is going to require it.  There-by saving a little bit of time for the techs the next day.

  • Jonathan, I see replies our scarce. :)

    I have a couple of ideas for you.

    idea 1:

    -Add KaseyaLiveConnect.exe installer to your KLC Extentions. (or the msi, see below)

    -KLC the target  machine

    -run the extention (it should auto run with admin privledges?)

    I have no idea if this works.

    idea 2.

    -Do a fresh install of KLC on a lab machine.

    -open %appdata%\local\temp folder

    -find and open log file "Kaseya_Live_Connect_[DateTimeStamp].log", search for "product.msi"

    -note the path to "product.msi" in my case: C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\{ACC5C98B-4429-4075-9928-64A478A33C7A}v9.4.6300.40549\Product.msi

    -take a copy of this MSI file, upload it to the VSA, and build an MSI installer procedure as normal.

    I have no idea if this works. :)

  • Just for anyone running across this again at a later date.  At least for KLC, Kaseya addressed this here: community.kaseya.com/.../105257.aspx