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"Shutdown Event Tracker" after Reboot-Warn

  • I'm running the Agent Procedure Rebbot-Warn on a Windows Server 2008 R2

    The server is suppose to reboot every night and then login again with the Admin account.

    After every reboot, the server brings up the Windows screen "Shutdown Event Tracker" and ask the user to complete the information.

    I understand that if I modify the Registry, I can get rid of that, but that is not what I want here. I want that windows to be ative when the user reboots the server, but I don't want that to show off when Kaseya reboots the server.

    Can that be done?

    One kind of reboot, that will not trigger the Event Tracker window?

    Thank you

  • From my research turning the "Shutdown Event Tracking" off is not ideal and I ended up using the Windows shutdown.exe command with the following switches for my server reboot scripts instead;


    SHUTDOWN /r /d P:4:1 /f /c "[Insert Message Here]"


    SHUTDOWN /r /d P:4:5 /f /c "[Insert Message Here]"