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Scripts Failing that use Services Commands

  • Is it just us or is anyone else experiencing their scripts failing if they are trying to manipulate a service?  Any script we have where we try to either shut down or turn on a service fails on those lines where we are trying to do just that ...

    Anyone have any ideas?

  • We have confirmed that running the command prompt net start <service> does work properly, so there has to be something wrong with the scripting on our server that is not doing the commands properly.

  • On my R9 server I cannot confirm - I created a custom script recently stopping and starting services and it functioned as intended.

  • I recommend sharing a screenshot of your script to gather assistance from community.

  • We actually ran a reapply schema and that appears to have fixed it for now.
  • I actually use the SC command instead of the net stop / net start commands as I had problems with them in earlier versions of Kaseya, can't recall the exact details. The SC command can also give you service state information which can be handy for making smarter service start/restart procedures.