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Live Connect Agent Procedure

  • Does anyone have a AP for installing live connect on an end-point?

  • Hey  

    Have you taken a look at the sample procedures that have been built to deploy live connect?

    Would these work for you?

  • tried that and it does not work.. nothing installs..

  • ,

    Can you share the specific problem you're running into that's causing you to need to manually install the live connect plugins?  Generally the procedures will take care of the necessary installs at the time of launch, so understanding what you're seeing and what is/isn't happening could be helpful.

    Also, since browsers can be finicky with their varying support of plugins, the browser type and version on the target machine might be helpful to know.

  • i want to be able to deploy live connect using an agent procedure. we are currently using the Kaseya service desk module and we want the end users to be able to access their tickets via Live Connect.. To get ahead of KSD, i wanted to push LC out ahead of the roll out so that the user does not have to wait till get the download manually