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Need to Create an Agent Procedure to Push out a Patch

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I have very little knoweledge creating agent procdures.

I have an .EXE file, which is a MS patch that I need to push out to a number of endpoints, which is failing to install through Patch management, but does apply when installed manually. Not really sure where on the VSA the file needs to be shared to and what the steps are to push this file and then execute on the endpoint via a script.

Can someone help?  



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  • Did you get a support ticket created? We'll want to investigate the cause of the failures in Patch Management.

    When it comes to running an EXE via agent procedures, you just need to upload the file to the server via the Agent Procedures tab via Manage Files, then create a new procedure that uses the Write File step followed with an Execute File or Execute Shell command step, pointing to that EXE. Chances are you will need to add some silent execution switches to it as well (sometimes /quiet /norestart).

    You can use #vagentconfiguration.agenttempdir# as a variable in the procedure to write the file to the agent's "working" directory (e.g. C:\kworking, but can be a number of other directories as well depending on your Kaseya configuration history).

    Don't forget to use the full directory/file name in your steps.

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  • I've got something similar setup for service packs.  

    If you go to Patch Management > Patch Location - and use the KB Search to find the patch you want to deploy and take note of the location of the patch.  Now go to Command Line and get the switches that apply to that patch.

    Now create a new procedure using the Get URL command to download the patch to the local machine.

    You can either create a separate procedure to install the patch or tag it onto onto the end of the download one to install it.