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closing alarms

  • Hi,

    Would it be possible when an alarm gets generated, to get its ID and depending of the kind of error 7011, 7034, etc... close the alarm

    automatically by script to get rid of unneccessary flow of messages.


  • This might be of interest

    EventSet Monitoring : https://vimeo.com/83609384



  • And this as well

    Service/Perfmon Monitoring:


  • Hi Paul,

    thks for the info.

    are you using it yourself ?

    pricing ?


  • Yes . We use it and have it deployed with several other Kaseya MSP's ..

    Also to simple ignore 3 or 4 specific events it's just as easy to put a step in the Script and check the Variable #ei# which is the EventID passed to the Script from an EventSet Alarm

  • Ok, bus as far as I can see there is no "close alarm" procedure function.


  • Thats my point re using a script.

    So when you assign the EventSets , don't configure them to create the alarm , instead just get them to run a script.

    In the Script you can test for certain Event ID's etc .. and the script can then create the Alarm (or SD Ticket)

  • Is the eventid also past to the script even when you don't select the create alarm option ?

  • Yes .. ALL of the variables are available for either including in emails or scripts. You don't need to tick the Create Alarm flag

  • where can I find the list of those variables ?

  • They are all in the online help files. Check here for the Event variables