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Unwanted spaces when creating output to file

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I'm not sure if posts has been created about this before. But when using Kaseya to generate output to files we a unwanted space ( " ") at the end of each line.

This happens when using function write text to file AND when using execute shell command with echo text >>> C:\temp\testfile.txt.

Is there a way to prevent this unwanted spacing?

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  • Yes, you can take the space out that is in between your text and output characters like this:

    echo text>>>>C:\temp\testfile.txt

  • See: community.kaseya.com/.../18374.aspx

  • Thank you for your replies. I ended up using the echo text>>>>C:\test.txt version, since I dont want to tamper with any Kaseya subprocedures.

    From what I understand is that if Kaseya releases an update any changes you make in the subprocedures will go away.

    Seems like the write to text function should be fixed though?