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[Solved] Using Agent Procedure to Update Custom Field?

  • Is it possible to update a custom field through an agent procedure?

    Here is the overall problem. Right now I have 16 scheduled procedures which check for the existence of individual files (not .exe files). If a file exists, the procedure succeeds, otherwise it fails. Then I have 16 views which show machines where the procedure succeeded. One solution to combine all 16 procedures into a single one would be write a .exe file, which the views could then use to check the existence of. However, I have read on here that views that utilize the existence of executables are processor intensive, so I'd prefer not to do that. What I would like to do is combine all 16 procedures into a single one where there are 16 cases, each one updating a custom field - which I could then reference in the Views.

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  • You can use the "updateSystemInfo" statement. Simply select the custom field from the list and add whatever is necessary.