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Cannot move procedures to folders

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When I try to move a procedure to another folder, the following error prompt appears:

"Duplicate tree node names are not allowed"

This seems to happen regardless of the procedure being moved, and appears if I try to move the procedure to a folder above the parent folder. For example, if I have the following directory structure, I cannot move the procedure to the "_OLD" folder without that error message. I can move the procedure by moving it up one folder at a time, which is quite time consuming. I did not have this issue in 6.2.

> _OLD
> Folder A
> Folder B
> > Folder 1
> > > Folder X
> > > > Procedure A
> > > > Procedure B 



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  • I've also found ( might just be our server) .. that if you "Save As" a script .. then edit another procedure to execute this newly saved as one .. then the "Used By" tab for the Saved AS script get confused .. and I can''t then delete the original one

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