Hi All,


Thanks in advance for your help, I'm a Kayesa newbie.

I am currently manually copying files from one location to an external drive in seperate folder (ie z:\Client1\backup.tib to l:\Client1\) but I am looking at getting it done automatically with eithe a completed or a failed email after the fact.

I would also like to be able to script this to only copy the most recent backup to the external drive (maxage=1) and I need it to copy into the same folder structure on each weeks drive. ie: z:\client1\backup1.tib goes to l:\Backup week 6\client1\backup1.tib providing backup1.tib is less than 1 day old.then once that has completed successfully, for an email to be sent to Support@ or a failure email to be sent to failedbackups@

Thanks for your help.