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Stolen Laptop

  • Hi Ben.

    Can You share this knowledge also with me? :)

  • I believe everyone would be interested in your routines.

    If you have any procedures to share ...even better!

  • Indeed... I do not have a laptop stolen at this very moment, but I would like to know what scripts or auditing Ben is using so I may implement them before I have a stolen laptop event on my hands.  

  • We just had a laptop stolen recently and have been trying to work with the client and the local police.  I was able to get some information from the laptop as the person has been using it.

    Some of the script work but other don’t.

    I have the K2 script pack that has a set of premade scripts for getting info from a stolen laptop.  However the webcam image and video capture do not work, I tried to run them manually and they apps used are not supported.

    Also I would like to get the Google Maps location to work as well so I can supply the police with that.

    I was able to get some desktop screen caps and the person looks like with were researching trips to Thailand, so if this person is getting ready for a trip I want to catch them before they leave.

    Beside the laptop a lot of irreplaceable jewelry and other valuable were stolen so I am thinking they may be trying to finance their trip.

    Any and all help would be helpful.

  • Get the connection gateway IP from the agent. With that, the police may be able to retrieve subscriber info from the ISP. Also, this site can give you a rough idea where they were last online: http://freegeoip.net/

  • We have gotten the IP already and passed that on, the police are requesting more information at this time so they can get a judge to issue a search warrant and subpoena.

  • Hi DMartin,

    I just saw this thread. I will message you and get in touch with you directly.

  • Hi Ben, we also have a stolen laptop and have the same problem with the audio and video scripts.

  • Guys, I just had an All in One Dell stolen and it is Checking in. We are running 6.3. I would like to take picture from webcam and catch whoever stole it. Can anyone help point me in a direction of a working script.

  • I'm sure Ben will be in touch and he will sort you out.  In the meantime create a script to capture the desktop.  It's amazing how much good info will turn up.  I've seen the thief go onto facebook, twitter and order goods online in the past.

  • Make sure you guys post your updates here as you get these stolen systems back :)

  • Hi Ben,

    I'd also be very interested in your scripts. I'd rather be prepared in case this happens.

    Thanks for your input.


  • Hi Ben, me too please. I don't want to be doing this when its already too late.

  • We have had laptops get lost / stolen in the past and this would have been a life saver if we had this capability back then. I'd be very interested in these scripts too.

  • Ben - why not share with all? Just curious.