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Download file from internet.

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I'm trying to write a simple script that will download file from internet on a local machine.

for that I'm using Get URL (Use Patch File Source setting). I've also set Source URL and folder path to store that file. But when i run that script, i dont get anything in destination folder.

this is source file that I'm trying to download:



can anybody help me that why I'm not getting it. thanks.


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  • It should be downloading to the file source location. You can determine where it is on the [Patch Management > File Source] page. You can also access it with the #vPatchConfiguration.FileSourceUNCPath# variable.

    Alternatively, if you just want to download to the local machine, use the "Get URL" step without the file source option.

    If things still are not behaving as they should, it is time for a support ticket.

  • in Patch Management > File Source I set it to Download from Internet and then I changed temp directory path to my destination path. but still its not working.

    I have a confusion in my mind.... when I manually try to download file and use the url given in above question then it asks me to "Save File" and then i proceed accordingly. so when I'm using script, is it managing this procedure (Save File) itself?

    I also checked "Get URL" but its functionality is different. it doesn't download file rather it "Returns the text and HTML contents of a URL and stores it to a file on the managed machine"