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Uninstalling Procedure not working Zixselect for outlook 2010

  • Cannot make this procedure work uninstalling ZIXSelect for OUtlook 2010




    Uninstall by Product GUID


  • Missed some info in this  post..   I am using the procedure fo Uninstall by product GUID.  Seem simple enough one line..  run in silent mode.   but it is not working.  any suggestins...

  • Here is some questions I normally ask myself when I write a deploy/uninstall procedure for Outlook

    1) Is Outlook closed down when you run the uninstall procedure? (If not close it and try and run the procedure again or write a few steps to close Outlook.)

    2) Is the GUID the same across all the machines you want to run the uninstall procedure on? (If not then you might have to use more complex methods)

    3) Can you manually uninstall it with the GUID using the following example? msiexec /X [GUID] /qn

    4) When you use the manual uninstall do you get any popups that prevent the install from completing? (If there are you might want to look at using an AutoIT compiled script answer or kill the popup.)