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Execute a file in a specific directory...

  • I am trying to create a script that will start 2 processes on a computer.


    The first process it will start is outlook. That is easy enough, however, the second process is an application that is run off of an application server and is located on a network share.

    It also needs to open in the network share. I currently have a shortcut on the desktop that has the following:

    Target: \\network share\program.exe /parameter1 /parameter2 /parameter3

    Start In: \\network share\

    It is executed as the local logged on user.

    I cant seem to find a way in the scripting engine to execute this exe in the specific directory. The program will not run unless it Starts in that directory.

    Anyway to do this?


  • Hey easbo,

    I would get this working through doing a "net use x: \\network share\" first as then you can just run the program from c:\program.exe.