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Script to Search Registry for a Value

  • Does anyone have a vb script that will search the registry for a specified value? Looking for references to an old server (ex. Serverxyz) and I would like to generate a report with all the occurrances of this value.



  • Just use the output of the built in reg command.

    reg query HKLM /s /v Serverzyz

  • Thanks Dan! On my Windows 7 box it appears I can search for all references to "serverxyz" by issuing the following:

        reg query HKLM /s /f Serverxyz

    The issue is that on my Windows XP box it doesn't recognize the /f parameter.

  • download regfind its an old tool but it has a query option and does work with XP.. Do a google search for it think its an MS tool

  • Try this;

    reg query HKLM /s | FIND "Serverxyz"

    You might have to tweak the search a bit...