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Procedures Not Running - Stuck pending

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I've started to notice in the last month or so we have several machines that are very slow to run scripts. For example, I just launched KLC on a server that I did a "Backup Now" in BUDR for about 2 hours ago. In the Pending Procedures log there are about 10-15 pending jobs, most of them LogFileCleaner procedures, and "Force Full Vol backup" is stuck above a "Run Now- KES Update" and "Check Free Space". I've cancelled out  a lot, but there are some that are scheduled I really don't want to have to get rid of.

Like I said, this is not the only box showing this type of behavior. Usually after a long wait (24+ hours) the procedures will run, but that kind of defeats the purpose of hitting "Run Now" on something. Is there any place I check to see what the heck the Agent is doing that is keeping the procedures from running? Start KLC works fine, BTW, so procedures DO run.

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  • I have this issue also. Very frustrating really. I want to run a procedure to hide the shutdown button which if not run at the right time makes the procedure like a broken pencil......pointless

  • I also am having this issue. It is very frustrating to have procedures ready and in "queue" waiting for something and having to go out to each system and run the programs manually.

  • i have procedures that normally run but sometimes get stuck and the only resolution is a restart of the Agent.

  • How do you restart an agent? Like reboot the PC?

  • you can also restart the service.

  • You can write a procedure to restart the agent.

    Simply write a batch file to do the following (note that the ping is just a timeout):

    net stop "Kaseya Agent"

    ping localhost -n 5

    net start "Kaseya Agent"

    Then write a kaseya procedure to write the batch file and execute it. Be sure to run the batch file as the last step of the procedure and not wait for it to complete.

  • Procedure KAgent Service Remote - Restart (Prompt).zip

    Try this, all you need to know is the computer name or IP address and you run it against another agent in the same domain Big Smile

  • Its worth noting that KLC uses a different process to start up, so KLC running is not the same as scheduling a procedure, so KLC running fine does not mean that the main Procedure queue is clear. Did you check the Agent Procedure Status for that Agent to make sure other things weren't already queued? (Go to Agent Procedures->Agent Procedure Status to check). Procedures run in order, so even if you hit 'Run Now' it'll still happen after Procedures that have already hit the active queue. This can happen if you've just bought a machine/agent online, i.e. if it's new Agent or the machine has been off for a while. If the queue is clear and run-now doesn't happen in reasonably quick order (allow a couple of minutes for connectivity, machine speed/load etc) then raise a ticket, as there may be an issue with your Kaseya server's Agent Procedure queue, if it's too busy it won't process Agent Procedures, so it could be a scheduling issue (too many things hitting the queue all at once) or performance issue. If those things seem unlikely then they'll just check normal stuff like hotfixes up to date, Agents up to date, check-in control etc.