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Edit scripts

  • I'm new to IT center and have been playing around with the scripts that were in teh shared folder.  I'm trying to edit some of those scripts to make them work better for my system as well as notifiy me (the malwarebytes script sends an email to whoever created the script and shared it).  I can't figure out how to modify the script without exporting it out and modifying the xml file and then reimporting it in.  There has to be an easier way right?



    I also wanted to search the forums for a similar problem before posting but couldn't find a search function, am I just blind or is it not there?

  • Hi Matt,

    The search box is at the top right of the page.

    As for the sample scripts, they are usually read-only. If you open them to edit, do a save as into your private folder, then you can modify to your hearts content.

    If you are still having problems editing the scripts, try creating a blank script and editing that. I would be highly surprised but perhaps your VSA is playing up.



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